The Chicken and the Beast

One of our Ameraucana hens, Peep
Black Labrador

I bet a lot of you think that you have the best dog in the world right? Well I suppose that it all depends on how you define “best”. I don’t know if my dog is the best, but she sure is pretty nice!

You see, my 75lb Black Labrador not only allows four full grown hens to free range around her yard, while never barking at them or chasing them, but she actually allows the hens into her personal space. What I mean is, she’ll be laying on the patio slab and she actually allows the hens to perch up on her back while they peck at her fur. What is this, some kind of poultry massage parlor?

Daisie, our ferocious four legged beast, also allows the hens to peck her food right out of her bowl while she’s eating. She never growls and never snaps, and she even let’s them peck at her mouth while she chews! Seriously, what is going on around here!

I guess her mild manor towards her friendly, feathered, yard-mates is due to the fact that she was never raised to be mean and she was around to see the hens raised from practically the egg up.

I’ll probably never really know why she allows those hens to be so close to her, while at the same time guarding the yard from other critters and intruders, however I think it’s pretty clear that if I want to go bird hunting I’m gonna need to get another dog!

Do you have similar experiences with your farm animals? Leave me a comment and tell me about your funny pet relationships, and I’ll post pictures as soon as I can sneak up on my little three-ring circus.

2 thoughts on “The Chicken and the Beast

  1. Thanks for the comment Sheila. I figured that Daisie’s behavior was a little uncommon. I mean not even a growl out of her, ever! I guess our hens have it way better then they’ll ever know.

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