Does Your Home Qualify For Free Solar?

Photo by Vivint Solar from PexelsAlternative energy sources, such as solar, is a great step towards sustainable living. Wouldn’t it be great if you qualified for free solar energy for your home? Well hang on, because depending on where you live, you just might!

I know that sunlight is free, but how do I get the hardware for free?

The hardware isn’t exactly free, but there are a few companies offering $0 down power purchase programs. The solar companies find investors and banks willing to front the money for a large number of installations so that you as the home-owner do not have to go out and secure a loan just to install solar on your home. Once installed, you simply pay monthly for the electricity by the kilowatt hour just like you currently do. The benefit is that you are now paying a lower monthly rate for clean renewable energy and your savings will simply increase over time.

OK, so how do I qualify for one of these $0 down power purchase programs?

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