Does Your Home Qualify For Free Solar?

Photo by Vivint Solar from Pexels

Photo by Vivint Solar from PexelsAlternative energy sources, such as solar, is a great step towards sustainable living. Wouldn’t it be great if you qualified for free solar energy for your home? Well hang on, because depending on where you live, you just might!

I know that sunlight is free, but how do I get the hardware for free?

The hardware isn’t exactly free, but there are a few companies offering $0 down power purchase programs. The solar companies find investors and banks willing to front the money for a large number of installations so that you as the home-owner do not have to go out and secure a loan just to install solar on your home. Once installed, you simply pay monthly for the electricity by the kilowatt hour just like you currently do. The benefit is that you are now paying a lower monthly rate for clean renewable energy and your savings will simply increase over time.

OK, so how do I qualify for one of these $0 down power purchase programs?

Currently there are only a few companies offering the $0 down power purchase program to homeowners in eight US states. The first requirement is that you are a homeowner and that you have a solid roof with plenty of sun access. You also must not be in foreclosure on your home or behind on your mortgage payments.

The companies that are offering up the $0 down power purchase program are:

  • Solar City – Available in Oregon, California, and Texas
  • SunRun – Available in California, Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, and Massachusetts
  • Gro Solar – Available in Pennsylvania, and California
  • Sungevity – Offering yet another power purchase program to California home owners

Each home is different, just as each home owners power consumption varies, so take advantage of the fact that each one of the solar companies list above also offers free estimates. For those of you that qualify, reach out to them for your free estimate and see about adding some renewable solar energy to your home.

What do you think about solar energy, would you add it to your home?

4 thoughts on “Does Your Home Qualify For Free Solar?

  1. I would LOVE to equip my home with solar power. Unfortunately, our gross income last year was $4600 and there is just no way. I’m kind of wishing I lived in one of those qualifying states right about now.

    1. I hear your frustration Angel. I think that we’ll continue to see solar prices drop in the future and hopefully that will encourage and allow more people to adopt solar for alternative energy production.

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