Reduce Reuse Recycle

I’m excited to announce that The Pioneer Way has a new t-shirt design that focuses on recycling. The new Reduce Reuse Recycle t-shirts are available in styles for both men and women, so get yours now and help promote sustainable living!

All shirts are sourced from American Apparel and are Made in the USA, and for those of you that are super environmentally focused, some of the shirts are also made from 100% organic cotton.

If the Reduce Reuse Recycle shirt isn’t your cup of tea, we also have a great one of a kind original Powered by Bacon t-shirt as well as a Pioneer Way Classic design. Make sure to check them all out!

What do you think about our new Reduce Reuse Recycle t-shirts? Leave us a comment and let us know how your ideas for lowering your carbon footprint!

Powered By Bacon

Listen up all you bacon lovers, The Pioneer Way now has custom one of a kind “Powered by Bacon” t-shirts for sale.

Custom one of a kind Powered by Bacon t-shirt by The Pioneer Way. Made in USA!

Be one of the first to show the world your true love for bacon with a Pioneer Way original t-shirt. All Pioneer Way t-shirts feature an original design printed on a cotton t-shirt that’s made in the USA by American Apparel. Pioneer Way “Classic” t-shirts are also available.

What do you think about our new custom shirts? Leave us a comment and let us know!