Egg-citing News From The Urban Farm

The first small brown egg from our Red Island Reds

For those of you that have been following along, back in March, we acquired two additional hens for the urban farm. This time, we chose Red Island Reds. We thought they’d make nice companions for our three Ameraucana hens. So far, the union has been successful and they all get along perfectly!

Anyhow, the big egg-citing news is that on Sunday morning, we got our first egg from one of the new Red Island Reds. Until we can catch one of them in the act and identify the egg, we’re not sure which hen is doing the laying. Maybe both? Who knows, but since Sunday, we’ve consistently had a little brown egg each day, along with the larger greenish-blue eggs from the Ameraucanas. I’m hoping that once we are in full production, we’ll be seeing between two and three eggs a day from all of the hens.

The first small brown egg from our Red Island Reds on the urban farm
Egg-citing News from the Urban Farm!

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