Monsanto’s GMO Sweet Corn May Soon Be On Your Plate

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GMO seed giant, Monsanto, will be introducing its version of genetically modified sweet corn this fall rather than 2012 as originally projected. The GMO sweet corn is genetically stacked with multiple genes that help resist pests above and below the ground. The GE sweet corn is also herbicide resistant to Monsanto’s very own herbicide, Roundup.

Wait, do you mean Monsanto is getting its cake and eating it too?

Monsanto is not only selling its GMO seeds to farmers each year, (because you know it’s illegal for farmers to save and reuse GMO seeds and Monsanto’s blood-thirsty lawyers are ready to pounce on any farmer that is caught growing a crop from its patented GE seeds without paying “the devil his dues”) they are also selling the farmers tons of their Roundup brand of herbicide to be sprayed on the GE herbicide resistant crops. Talk about a double whammy!

Monsanto’s GMO sweet corn sounds like a new threat to your dinner plate. However, this new GM variety is actually playing catch up to Switzerland based Syngenta AG’s GM sweet corn. Syngenta AG’s GM sweet corn has been on the market for over a decade.

In my opinion, GM sweet corn is just Monsanto’s newest threat to food safety. The GE sweet corn joins a well rooted market of other GM crops. Grain corn already accounts for 88% of all the grain corn grown in the United States, and GE soybeans account for 94% of all the soy grown in the United States. Those are just two of the major examples. The list of GMO products is really too long to list.

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