Apples, Apples, And More Apples!

A heaping stack of freshly picked Granny Smith green apples awaits processing
A heaping stack of freshly picked Granny Smith green apples awaits processing
Granny Smith Apples

We have some relatives that have a Granny Smith apple tree that does nothing but produce fruit by the bushel. Recently, while shooting some family portraits, my relatives were kind enough to send me home with some so I ended up bringing home a bushel of apples if not two!

Can you ever have too many apples?


I happen to love apple everything so if you ask me, the answer is no, you cannot have enough apples!

Apples contain Vitamin C which aid the immune system, and phenols which reduce cholesterol. It’s also said that apples reduce tooth decay by cleaning your teeth and killing off bacteria. Some research even suggests that apples help protect brain cells against neuro-degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, right? Even though that saying may not have been coined due to apples medicinal benefits, I’d say it sure is pretty fitting.

Apple photographs

Huge stack of green Granny Smith apples awaits processing and canning
Heaping stack of Granny Smith apples

Here you can see the heaping stack of green Granny Smith apples as it awaits processing. Aside from making a couple of large batches of apple crisp, most of the apples were processed and preserved into applesauce this time around.

72 beautiful jars of homemade applesauce made from green Granny Smith apples and Florida Crystals non-GMO Natural sugar
72 jars of fresh homemade applesauce

Ah yes, 72 jars of fresh homemade applesauce. Half of them plain applesauce, while the other half is spiced with delicious cinnamon. Our applesauce is sweetened with Florida Crystals Natural Cane Sugar which adds a wonderfully unique flavor. It’s also organic and non-GMO!

A sea of applesauce canning lids makes for a beautiful photograph
A little photography fun with the canning lids

As a photographer, I just couldn’t help but have a little fun with all of those beautiful canning lids. Don’t they make a an interesting photograph?

Four large half gallon jars of sliced green Granny Smith apples, preserved in a sweet golden syrup
Sliced green Granny Smith apples in a sweet golden syrup

Here we have four large half gallon jars of sliced Granny Smith apples, bathing in a sweet golden syrup.

Canned Granny Smith apple sliced bath in a sweet golden syrup
Granny Smith apple slices in a sweet golden syrup

These apples were preserved from a previous batch of apples but I finally got around to taking a couple of photos. Aren’t they beautiful? I can’t wait to try them!

Canning is a lot of work but the benefits of preserving fresh food to enjoy all year long is definitely worth it.

Do you preserve your own food? Leave me a message and let me know what your favorites are.

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