Is Your Cookware American Made?

Jacob Bromwell - Made in USA

Maybe Black Friday has come and gone, but the holiday shopping season is still upon us. Are you still looking for that perfect gift for someone special? Why not help the United States economy and do your part to help keep our fellow Americans employed this holiday season? Why not shop for some American made cookware?

Jacob Bromwell is a great place to start! They’re an American based company that produces quality American made products and guess what, they’ve been doing so since 1819! How cool is that!

As Americans, we can’t continue to sit around helplessly waiting for politicians to “repair” the United States economy. We need to change the way we think and the way we shop. We work far to hard for our money and we need to stop handing it all over to foreign countries in return for cheap, low quality products and materials.

What can I do to help?

If you really want to help, you need to start supporting US based businesses. Rather than buying that cheap foreign import, why not spend an extra dollar on the American made alternative! You’ll not only receive a higher quality product, but you’ll also help the US economy by keeping your hard earned money right here in the USA. I know it’s time consuming and may even cost more, but it’s worth it to keep our American brothers and sisters employed.

It’s really enlightening to see that there are still companies out there like Jacob Bromwell that are fighting the very evil that is destroying this great country. I highly commend Jacob Bromwell for staying true to their products and not selling out to the lower cost of foreign labor. I can only hope that Jacob Bromwell can inspire other companies to rethink their own business ethics. Abandoning foreign labor and materials, in return for US based labor and materials, may be the only way this country ever gets back on its feet.

Are you ready to go that extra mile and buy American made cookware? Do you have a favorite American made product that you’d like to share with the rest of us? Leave us a comment and let’s get the word out!

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