Pioneer Memories – South Dakota Style

Before migrating out to southern California, my grandmothers side of the family pioneered their way around the farmland of South Dakota. That wasn’t an easy life. In the photos that follow, you will see my great grandfather out on the farm as well as two of my great great grandmothers and even my great great grand uncle.

My great grandfather and his team of horses out on the farm in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Out on the farm in Mitchell, South Dakota stands my great grandfather with his team of horses.

My great great grandmother poses in front of her South Dakota farmhouse in 1916.

My great great grandmother, a true pioneer woman, poses in front of her farmhouse; 1916 South Dakota.

Early 1920's home in San Diego, California

Old home in the 1920’s of San Diego, California. Pictured on the porch are two of my great great grandmothers, as well as my great great grand uncle and his 2nd wife in the yard. These folks all migrated out to southern California from the farmlands of South Dakota.

I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak into the family history. I have many many more wonderful photos to share so please keep checking back for more Pioneer Memories!

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