Brazil’s Vanishing Rainforests

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Brazil’s deforestation has many negative effects such as how it significantly harms the land, air, and wildlife. In fact, between 1970 and now more than 230,000 square miles of the rainforests have been destroyed. As of 2008, only about 82.3% of the Brazilian rainforests remained uncut.

One way that deforestation damages the land is how we need the trees to keep the soil moist. Without the trees to keep the soil moist the land will become a barren dessert. The Brazilian rainforests also create their own climates. During the day the trees keep the air cool and during the night they keep the air warm. If we don’t have the trees then we have no protection from the sun, weather, or rising and falling temperatures.

Brazil’s deforestation also effects the air. Like I said before the trees keep the air warm during the night and cool during the day. They also protect you from things like the sun’s harsh rays. We need the plants and trees to absorb harmful gases like carbon dioxide in exchange for oxygen. If we don’t have vegetation to produce oxygen then there won’t be breathable air in the atmosphere.

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The extinction of animals is another negative effect of deforestation. Did you know that 70% of the known wildlife live in the world’s rainforests. Tens of millions of animals are becoming extinct because of deforestation. For example, the Toco Toucan is under threat because its home is being cut down. Another example is the Scarlet Macaw, deforestation is destroying their home as well. These and millions of other creatures may become extinct thanks to deforestation.

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By the end of the 1980’s the process of clear-cutting Brazil’s rainforest had become a global issue. The amount of trees being cut down has gotten so big that you can see it from space. At the rate of how fast the trees are being cut down, in a hundred years all of the world’s forests and rainforests could vanish completely.

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  1. Thank you Savannah for the informative blog. It is sad to think of the animals losing their homes to deforestation. 🙁

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